Friday, April 4, 2014

Mini-contest with Jordy Albert

Hey all,

I'm off on vacation but why should that stop us from having a mini-contest!

Jordy Albert of The Booker Albert Literary Agency has graciously offered a 2-5 page critique to one random winner! That's any person who has signed up for my newsletter using the right sidebar contact form. (You can have signed up at any time. It doesn't need to be in April.)

What this newsletter would be is a way to get early notice of any contests I might have up my sleeve or any writing news that springs at me like a tiger from the bushes. It will be a heads up that something interesting is going to happen. For example: I might notify you of the release of my newest short story or send you an advance preview of the agents for Query Kombat. (QK is coming in late spring.)

What this newsletter will not be is a weekly or even a monthly thing to clutter your inbox. I plan to only use it sparingly. Nor will the information I collect be used for any other purpose. (Disclaimer Disclaimer Legalese terms here)

All you have to do is fill out the information in the right sidebar. Which means your name and email address, along with any message you want to leave me.

To unsubscribe, leave that message in the same contact widget and I'll take you off the list. Or shout at me on twitter or anywhere else. 

Published/agented writers, if you're interested in being a mentor or judge in a future contest, fill out the form and put mentor/judge in the comment section. My April newsletter will have information on being a judge for Query Kombat 2014!

I'll also add a second winner for the mini-contest to get a query critique from me!

I'll take entries until noon on April 20, 2014. Your manuscript does not need to be completed.
So that's it. Thanks everyone! Questions can go in the comments and I'll answer in a week.


  1. If we're already signed up for your newsletter, are we automatically entered? Thanks!

  2. If you already signed up, you are entered!