Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Welcome to the Executives from Literary Records!

Here you'll find the final picks of Team Sweeter! 

Writers, please know that limiting our team to twelve picks was a difficult task. There were so many talented entries in the Vegas round. If yours is not here, check out the choices of the other talented managers: Team Stray Tats, Team Spyder, Team Magenta, and Team Electric

Whatever happens, don't let one contest influence your spirits. Keep writing and keep auditioning! 

Now the Execs will be rockin' their way here soon. The Battle Round is Tuesday and Wednesday. No comments please on the entry posts except for the Execs and those will be hidden until 4:00 pm Eastern Wednesday. You can however leave a comment on this post, if you want to say thanks or congratulate someone or have a question. If there is a problem with your entry be sure and let us know.

The Execs will make requests based on the music recording sales thresholds:
  • Demo Tape – Query and first 5 pages
  • Silver Record – Query and first 10 pages
  • Gold Record – Query and first 50 page
  • Platinum Record – Query and first 100 pages
  • Diamond Record- Query and full

As mentioned before, those requests will be hidden until 4:00 pm Eastern Wednesday. Then any ties will be settled with Battle Blitzes over on twitter under the tag #BattleBlitz.

Team Sweeter expects to go Platinum and Diamond all the way!  There is so much talent here, we can't stop dancing! The Rockingest records for sure! 

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