Tuesday, April 29, 2014

PitchSlam #4: Shura Rinshu and the Mysterious Attacks, MG Fantasy

Genre: MG Fantasy
Title: Shura Rinshu and the Mysterious Attacks
Word Count: 35,000

Pitch: When twelve-year-old Shura Rinshu bonds with a magical creature reserved for the royals, she must deal with the prejudices of the noble class and prove that she is more than a simple peasant.

250 words: Shura Rinshu would bond with a creature; she was sure of it. It could be a brownie, a sphinx, or a two-headed wolf. Anything except a three-tailed fox, a griffen, or a dragonthose were for nobles. But she knew what she wanted. Shura ran her fingers along the painted, yellow fin of the sea serpent on her bedroom wall. She dashed from her room and slid down the banister. The force launched her across the open entryway. She landed and flung open the door letting in the sound of the ocean waves.

“Shura!” her mother shouted from the balcony above, “what do I always say? Button your top button.”

She spun, red hair whipping around her face in messy tangles. Her delicate fingers grasped the plain hilt of a dagger at her waist. She cut the button off, letting it clatter to the ground. It rolled under the plain cedar cabinet in the entryway.

“Top button’s buttoned,” she said.

“Shura!” her mom said, exasperated. “Where are you going?”

“I told Thett I’d meet him at the wall to say goodbye.”

“Hurry, then. If you're late for the bonding ceremony, all the slots for seafarers will be full.”

“I’m going to bond with a sea serpent, Mom, so it doesn’t matter if I’m late. Plus, I’ll be back soon.” She rushed out the door before her mother could respond.


  1. I'd like to award this band member a Silver Record!

    This sounds like an interesting and super cute story! I'm always interested in novels with magical and mythological creatures. If you'd be interested in querying me with this, I'd love to read more!

    My submission guidelines:
    Please send a query letter (including author bio) and the requested pages (attached as a Word/rtf file) to "submissions[at]broadlandliterary[dot]com" with the subject line "Pitch Slam Submission – Your Novel's Title (Genre)".