Tuesday, April 29, 2014

PitchSlam #11: Diamond on a Lizard's Tail, Adult Mystery

Genre: Adult Mystery
Title: "Diamond on a Lizard's Tail"
Word Count: 81,000

Song: Who Let the Dogs Out by Baha Men
Pitch:  Bulldog posts leaked classified files on his whistle-blower blog like they’re weather reports, but when he posts Carol’s data, the forecast is murder. The reluctant duo must work together to avoid being the next targets.
250:  Richard “Bulldog” Kominski skimmed his inbox for any new emails from Anonymous.   There were none, and that was too bad, because he was itching to write another post on his blog shedding light on the corrupt antics of the bloated governor of the great State of New Jersey.  
The phone rang.  
“Richard, it’s Frank Donati from the Press Office at the New Jersey Department of Health.” The tone was harsh and unfriendly.
“No need to be so formal, Frankie.  I know who you are - recognize your voice.  And, all my friends call me Bulldog.”  He paused, grinning. “But you can too.” 
Bulldog smirked, knowing what had precipitated the call.  “I take it you didn’t like my last post?”  He chuckled into the receiver, leaning so far back in his chair that he almost fell over.  
“We’re just wondering where you got that piece of classified information.”
“Same way I get all my information, Frankie – from reliable and protected sources.”  Bulldog frowned and tilted his head.  “That memo I posted was not classified…”
“It most certainly was classified, which means you just committed a felony.”  
 Bulldog narrowed his eyes. He was not eager to return to prison, but he thought the press officer might be bluffing.  “You’re full of it.”
“Am I?  You might want to consider cooperating with us.  Because as I recall, this self-righteous act of yours didn't go so well last time.  Consider this call a friendly proposition.  There won't be another.”  Click.
A ping sounded from Bulldog’s computer - an email from Anonymous.

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