Friday, April 25, 2014

Query Kombat Judges

We're looking for a few good writers.

Or actually more than a few. This is the moment for all those agented or published writers. We need you to help make Query Kombat a success.

For those new to Query Kombat, it is a head-to-head fight between queries and opening 250. We start with 64 entries and end with one grand champion chosen by our judges. Just like in college basketball's March Madness, brackets determine your opponents. We will try to group like genres together but anything can happen in later rounds.

Mike, SC, and I have decided to hold the agent round sooner. Now 32 entries will be seen by agents! Judges will give feedback and Kombatants will have opportunities to send revised entries. Plus there are other surprises in store.

We're looking for writers who are willing to give feedback on queries and first 250 words. The feedback will be in the form of blog comments. You will also have to leave a vote on the entry that will be moving forward in the pairing. It can be a tough decision, but your help can really make a different for fellow writers in the query trenches.

SC, Mike, and I plan to arrange judges into groups of eight or so and assign them to specific blogs and rounds. That way we will have fresh eyes as the rounds progress.

Query Kombat is a long contest. There are six rounds and it takes the entire month of June. But you won't be asked to judge all the rounds. You might be assigned to one early round and a later round. (Later rounds are much quicker. Less left to say. :-)

If you are interested in being one of our judges, please send an email to our contest address: QueryKombat(at)yahoo(dot)com. In the email please include a little information about yourself. Who is your agent? What have you published? What genre do you write? This can help us sort potential judges for better variety. Later we will need fuller bios and photos.

We need lots of talent and hope to have you join our Query Kombat team!

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