Saturday, April 19, 2014

Submission for Pitch Slam

The submission window opens tomorrow for Pitch Slam, Battle of the Bands. It's a great contest where everyone get chances to revise before sending their final pitch and 250 words. In the first submission window you'll send only your pitch. The next window is for only your first 250. Then the final window is for both. The first two windows will include feedback from team managers and talent scouts.

Quite unique, eh? Here's where you can find all the submission information. And here are the executives from Literary Records who will make requests. 

I'll be there reading the slush as a team manager with my good friend and CP Carla as my talent scout. We draw our inspiration from the smooth, some say soulful sound of Pop Rocker Gavin Degraw. Who I just happened to see in concert last week! Team Sweeter! You know I've got an eye for talent and Team Sweeter intends to find the best!

I'd better see you there. 

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  1. My boys will be there, with a brand new (ready to rock and roll) 250 words =)