Monday, May 26, 2014

Editing Services for the Summer

Memorial Day is here, the official start of summer! Summer gives me free time galore, but with the kids older, I need to fill it. My husband suggests a job would be a great way to do that. Three teens in the house and some humongous grocery bills agree.
I'm looking for editing jobs to keep me busy and enable me to stay home, where I can continue to run fun contests. Over the past year, I've done sporadic editing jobs with my friend Jennifer Troemner. We haven't bothered with advertising, but now it's time to get serious. 
I've done years of editing for friends, critique groups, and in the Speculative Fiction Summer Marathon. Samples of my query critiques are available on this blog under Spring, Fall, and Summer Query Extravaganzas. I'm particularly talented with plot holes and the big picture side of things. (Testimonials from clients are available upon request.)
With the idea of creating a customer base, we're keeping the prices low as we establish ourselves. Services are billed through PayPal at time of completion. Our services fall into two categories: The Forest and The Trees
The Forest is the overarching stuff: character arc and characterization, plot and the holes they tend to develop, imagery, etc.
The Trees are more nitpicky things: spelling and grammar, formatting, awkward phrasing, and the small-scale issues that need to be conquered to make your writing flow smoothly.
We’ll cover either category for 60 cents per page or both for $1.20 per page. We are open to partial or full manuscripts and will give a first chapter edit for free as an example of our services.
We also offer query letter editing for the current sale price of $25. It includes two revisions.
(Note: Because format can dramatically change page count, a page is defined as Size 12, Times New Roman or Calibri, double spaced, with no additional spacing between paragraphs.)
Please contact me though the newsletter form on this blog or by email at Michelle9Hauck(at)aol(dot)com.

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