Monday, March 23, 2015


Genre: Realistic Fiction/Special Needs
Word Count: 498

          Dear Michelle and Sharon,
Adelaide dreams of stardom, but she can't sing, dance, or remember her lines like other kids can. However, she has something special. She has a sparkle, and it makes her shine like the star she truly is… But is it enough to get her on stage? 
In my 498-wordpicture book, ADELAIDE’S SPARKLE, you will witness the perseverance of a girl who does not allow her disability to slow her down.  Adelaide has Down Syndrome, but that is only seen in the illustrator notes, and not preached through the manuscript.
My picture book, Waiting for James in a Sea of Pink, was published in early 2012 with MeeGenius. It was a Golden Owl Award recipient, and spent several weeks as a best seller among MeeGenius’ listings. I am a SCBWI North/Central CA member, volunteer for the Epilepsy Foundation, active 12x12 member, volunteer for the We Need Diverse Books campaign, and graduate of the Institute of Children’s Literature.
I very much look forward to hearing from you.

First 50 Words:
Adelaide had something special. She had something very special, indeed.
It wasn’t a pony.
It wasn’t a divine necklace.
It wasn’t something that came from a store.
Adelaide had a sparkle.

Adelaide loved to dance. She wasn’t as graceful as the other girls on the Snazzy Jazzy dance team.


  1. I would love to see this! It's a great idea on so many levels. Please send query and full manuscript (in body of email--though if you're worried about indentation, a Word file is fine) :) to Submissions at SarahJaneFreymann dot com. Please put #PBParty in the subject line. Thank you! Can't wait to read!

    All best wishes,
    Jessica Sinsheimer

  2. I would love to read ADELAIDE'S SPARKLE. Please send your query letter to query[at] and attach the full manuscript to the email. Address the query to me (Maria) and include #PBParty in the subject line. Thanks!

    Maria Vicente
    P.S. Literary Agency

  3. Love the sound of this! Please send a query letter and manuscript copied into the body of the email to my email address. Subject line should indicate #PBParty. Check out for contact and other submission details. Thanks for participating in #PBParty! - Clelia