Monday, March 23, 2015


Title:  Mirabelle's 100-Balloon Party
Genre:  Contemporary/Friendship/100th day of school PB
Word Count:  530 words


Dear Agent,

I am seeking representation for my 530-word picture book, MIRABELLE'S 100-BALLOON PARTY. The story ties in well with the 100th day of school activities in elementary schools, as well as having commercial appeal as a story of friendship, fun, and a little bit of magic, with great illustration potential.

Mirabelle loves balloons. All shapes. All colors. All sizes. All the time. For Mirabelle, the only thing better than getting a balloon, is sharing a balloon with a friend. And that’s why Mirabelle knows her 100-balloon party to celebrate one hundred days of school will be the best party ever. She decorates the house and plans party games like pass-the-balloon, balloon-ping-pong, bob-for-balloons, and pin-the-balloon-on-the-donkey. 

But on the day of her party, Mirabelle’s bubble is burst when she can’t round up any balloons. When her friends arrive for the party, Mirabelle can hardly believe her eyes! This is no 100-balloon party...but it is the best party ever!

I am a moderator on the SCBWI message board, AKA “The Blueboards,” and my recent credits include Highlights for Children, Highlights High Five, Hopscotch for Girls, and Ladybug magazines. I was honored to be named the 2013 First Runner Up (North America) in the Greenhouse Funny Prize contest for one of my picture books.

I have several other completed manuscripts available. Thank you for your time and consideration!

First 50 Words:

Mirabelle loved balloons.
All shapes.
All sizes.
All colors.
And for every possible occasion.
“Balloons make everything better!” Mirabelle always said.
There were two-balloon doctor visits.
Three-balloon dance recitals.
Four-balloon report card days.
And, of course, ten-balloon birthdays.
The only thing Mirabelle loved more than getting a balloon was giving a balloon to a friend.


  1. Balloons DO make everything better!

    I'd be happy to see more! Please send query and full manuscript (in the body of the email, if you can--or as a Word doc, if you're worried about formatting) to Submissions at SarahJaneFreymann dot com, with #PBParty in the subject. Thank you!

    All best wishes,

  2. I love balloons and I love the name Mirabelle, so I'm in! Please send a query letter and manuscript copied into the body of the email to my email address. Subject line should indicate #PBParty. Check out for contact and other submission details. Thanks for participating in #PBParty! - Clelia