Monday, March 23, 2015


Genre: Fiction Picture Book
Word Count: 370


Dear Agent,

When Bailey’s big brother goes away, she wears his combat boots to cope with the loss. At first it is almost impossible to “walk in her brother’s footsteps.” But after creating craters, setting off earthquakes, and scaling the tippy tallest tower, Bailey discovers how powerful she really is and soon her brother’s footprints are following her.

Many children experience loss and grief when an older sibling leaves the home. In 371 words, BAILEY’S BROTHER’S BOOTS validates these feelings while also celebrating the tremendous strength we have inside of us.

I am a former elementary school teacher and reading specialist, as well as a West Chester University Writing Fellow. I am actively involved with SCBWI, multiple critique groups, and various online writing forums.

First 50 Words:

Bailey’s brother was like the oak tree in the backyard. Strong and tall and powerful.

But one day, he pulled up his roots and left.

Bailey felt like a crumbly leaf tumbling to the ground. A light breeze might whip her away.

She drifted down the hallway and skittered along the wall.

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