Monday, March 23, 2015


Genre: Fiction Picture Book
Word Count: 540


Dear Michelle and Sharon,

Winner of the 2014 SCBWI–Los Angeles Writer’s Days Contest, QUICO HELD TIGHT is a multicultural picture book for ages 4–8 in 540 words. It’s filled with mayhem, mishaps, and, ultimately, bravery.

When Ana’s pet gecko, Quico, lands smack on Tía Marlina’s spectacles, the colorful characters from Ana’s Mexican village try to get the gecko to let go–but they only make matters worse. Ana knows how to release the reptile, but first she’ll need to work up enough courage to speak out over the rapidly growing crowd. She’d better do it quick, though, because a snake is lurking nearby with his own plans for Quico.

Like THE CAZUELA THAT THE FARM MAIDEN STIRRED by Samantha R. Vamos, QUICO HELD TIGHT unites an Hispanic community around a common goal. Instead of cooking up a delicious casserole, however, the characters of QUICO cook up one calamity after another–all at poor Tía Marlina’s expense. The slapstick humor of QUICO HELD TIGHT resembles that of DUCK DUCK MOOSE! by Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen, but where DUCK DUCK MOOSE! is about friendship, QUICO is about courage.

I am an SCBWI member and former preschool teacher, currently teaching Internet search strategy classes to homeschoolers of all ages. My writing has appeared inFamilyFunThe HomeschoolerThe Los Feliz Ledger and other publications. 

Thank you for your time.

First 50 Words:

The weekly market in Ana’s Mexican village was in full swing. But Ana preferred to stay out of the crowd. While her family explored the crowded stalls, Ana lingered under the mango tree, training her pet gecko, Quico. 
“Uno, dos, tres,” Ana said. “Jump!” Quico launched himself onto a bright green mango. 


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    Maria Vicente
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  2. I'd be happy to take a look! Please send a query letter and manuscript to: chquery[at]mcintoshandotis[dot]com. Please put #PB Party request in the subject line.

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  4. Congratulations! Your PB has been chosen by our Ninja Editor Dragonfly. Please contact me at schriscoe at yahoo dot com with instructions on how to submit.