Monday, March 23, 2015


Title: The Root of the Cube
Genre: Non-fiction Picture book Rhyme
Word Count: 350

Dear Michelle and Sharon

I hope you will consider my picture book The Root of the Cube for your Picture and Chapter Book Party. It is written for children ages 7-10 and is 350 words of comic verse. I have included the first 50 words at the end of this email. 

It starts when an ice cube's thrown out on the breeze.
It's the tale of the trip that he makes to refreeze.
From solid to liquid to gas - H2O no! 
From the ground to the air, it's the Water Cycle Flow. 

This is a good physical science manuscript (the water cycle) that is balanced with a cute ice cube (the “cuddle factor”).

I have been writing for children for years. I attend two critique groups and love nothing better than getting my next story idea.  About five years ago, I started writing in comic verse. Last spring, I joined an online critique group specializing in rhyming picture books. I currently have a picture book app on Demibooks Storytime entitled Police Hens which I wrote and illustrated. Here is a link to more information about Police Hens, and a link to my youtube booktrailer.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story.

50 Words
The Root of the Cube

   I was born in a tray on a shelf in a freezer
              in the home of a wrinkled and hot handed geezer.
            With a sister, ten brothers, no Mom and no Dad,
            we joked with the peas ‘bout the fish going bad.

Every so often that hand would appear,

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