Monday, March 23, 2015


Title: The Not-So-Silent E
Genre: Picture Story Book
Word Count: 640

Dear Agent,
In The Not-So-Silent E, Little E has a problem all children can understand: He just wants to be heard! He knows he should follow the rules, but it’s no fun and so hard. This 638-word picture book for ages 4-7 will appeal to young readers familiar with Little PeaSpoon,Little Hoot and Little Oink—readers who will recognize Little E’s plight and will celebrate with him as he discovers that being a Silent E can actually be magical. I have included the first 54 words of the manuscript below for your consideration.
The Silent E concept is a staple of kindergarten and first grade reading curriculum, so young readers will be familiar with the idea. The book should also find an eager audience among teachers and librarians. For as the School Library Journal pointed out in an article, educators are always looking for books that teach grammar and writing skills through fun and inspiring stories.
As a freelancer who has written for children’s magazines for 18 years, I’ve had the challenge of introducing young readers to a wide range of topics and the thrill of hooking their attention with writing that’s both educational and entertaining. For Boys’ Life andNational Geographic Kids, I’ve covered everything Sent from my iPhone funny money facts to amazing animal pals. Several of my stories are included in the 2010-2015 editions of the National Geographic Kids Almanac as well as National Geographic Kids 125 True Stories of Amazing Animals.
Over the past two years, I’ve been fortunate to expand into the children’s book market. I wrote “Angry Birds Explore the World,” the 96-page safari-themed bookazine for National Geographic Kids that published in July 2013. I’ve also written two nonfiction books for National Geographic Kids Books:
*Weather, a Level 1 easy reader, which debuted in July 2013
*From Seed to Plant, a Level 1 easy reader, which debuted in January 2014
My third National Geographic Kids Books title will publish this summer. It’s titled Coral Reefs and is a Level 2 easy reader.
I also have written hundreds of profiles, travel stories and book reviews for such grown-up publications as People, American Way, Family Circle, Sunset and Yankee, among many others.
Thanks so much for your time and consideration. 

First 50 Words:
From the moment Little E was born, his parents knew they were in for trouble.
You see, Little E’s family came from a long line of silent Es. And silent Es live by two rules:

  1. Always be quiet.
  2. Always know your place in line: Never first! Middle and last suit us fine.

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