Monday, March 23, 2015


Genre: Rhyming Picture Book
Word Count: 200 words


Dear #PBParty Agent:

A little boy named Shen loves fish. He’s just not a fan of the water. 

Living up to his name, which means “deep thinker” in Chinese, Shen studies the problem. He’s happy to discover that there’s more than one way to catch a fish. But he’ll have to think outside the pond—and use all the tools in his crayon box—if he wants to land a big one without getting wet. 

FISH ON A PLATE is a 200-word rhyming Picture Book for Early Readers. It is a universal tale that should reel in fans of the artistically-nurturing stories of Peter Reynolds and the wordplay of Dr. Seuss. I am a doctor, a behavioral neurologist with multiple academic books to my credit. I have published poetry in The Other Side of Medicine (Sage Press) and The Journal of the American Medical Association. 

Thank you for participating in #PBParty and for your time and consideration of my work.

First 50 Words:

Shen likes to eat fish,
‘Til he gets his fill,
He picks up his chopsticks
For raw, seared, or grilled.

There’s more than one way
To eat or cook fish,
But first you must catch one,
If that is your wish.

Shen bones up on fish
And sharpens his skills…

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