Thursday, July 28, 2016

Four Questions with #Pitchwars SFF Mentors- Part 2

As you know, there are a few #PitchWars mentors with a preference for SFF this year. Some of the Adult SFF mentors got together and decided to answer some fun questions. There are other mentors accepting adult SFF, so please don’t take this as a comprehensive list. But here’s hoping that our answers to these questions will help you narrow it down.
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Here are the participating mentors, with links to their #PitchWars wish lists:
Question 1: Name the one SFF character you'd like to meet, and briefly say why.
Michelle Hauck: Yoda. I want to learn the ways of the Force.

Dan Koboldt: Lews Therin, because the guy was awesome/crazy.

Holly Faur: Does Doctor Who count? Because why not?

Michelle Hazen: Zuzana from Laini Taylor's Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy. Because I think she might be the fictional equivalent of me. If I were a puppetmaker in Prague as well as being tiny, fierce, and terrifyingly creative in revenge schemes against people who hurt my friends.

Nazarea Andrews: Severo. (Red Rising) um. He's amazing. And awful. And loyal but utterly complex and I just adore him.

Carrie Callaghan: Yvaine, from Stardust. She was a star! Think of the amazing things she saw and decided to give up for love.

E.B. Wheeler: Merlin from the BBC's series, because I love his character, and he needs a hug.

Haley Stone: This question is just not fair. Okay. Um. At the moment? Margaery Tyrell. I'd love to pick her brain about politics, discuss marketing strategies (I just feel like she'd have great insight into self-promotion?) and also go shopping with her because damn, girl can pick out a flattering dress.

Michael Mammay: Ender

Question 2: You have three PW submission and all three are really, really good. Do you go with the Space Opera, the Epic Fantasy, or the Urban Fantasy?
Michelle Hauck: All things being equal, I'd go for the epic fantasy. I read more of that genre.

Dan Koboldt: Space Opera

Holly Faur: AHHHHH....I'd have to decide from the first two with a chocolate duel. (I find that Thibault cancels out Capa Ferro, don't you?)

Michelle Hazen: Urban Fantasy

Nazarea Andrews: Depends on the story. I know that's a cop out answer, but it's also true. I love everything about all three but the story has to sell me on the book.

Carrie Callaghan: So hard! But I'm a sucker for Epic Fantasy, especially if it has a literary touch.

E.B. Wheeler: Urban if it has a historical setting, otherwise, epic.

J.C. Nelson: THIS year, I'd go for the Space Opera, because I love it and want to see more.

Haley Stone: Epic Fantasy

Michael Mammay: Space Opera if they're equal

Question 3: Favorite fantasy or SF world?
Michelle Hauck: Wheel of Time

Dan Koboldt: Midkemia

Holly Faur: The one I really *felt* was Arrakis. Though I DO NOT wish to live there. Maybe somewhere I can get second breakfast.

Michelle Hazen: Patricia Briggs' Mercy Thompson series. I love how she dealt with the political repercussions of a world with multiple magical species. 

Nazarea Andrews: Narnia of Middle Earth. Classics and a childhood favorite.

E.B. Wheeler: Alternate England in Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell

J.C. Nelson: Hyperion

Haley Stone: I'm really fascinated by Terra D'Ange of Kushiel's Dart. But if we're talking more generally, the Star Wars Galaxy.

Michael Mammay: I find the world from Mirror Empire fascinating. 

Question 4: Favorite male SF Character?
Michelle Hauck: F'nor from Dragonriders of Pern. I have a soft spot for this secondary character.

Dan Koboldt: Quinn Bradley. WINK.

Holly Faur: Paul Atreides or Thomas from Maze Runner

Michelle Hazen: Mark Watney from The Martian

Nazarea Andrews: Spock. I have a thing for brilliant, socially awkward creatures who don't really get the 'normal' people around them. And Spock's relationship with Bones and Kirk makes me happy. Like. Ridiculously happy.

J.C. Nelson: Ian Malcolm in the Jurassic Park Novels

Haley Stone: Garrus Vakarian

Michael Mammay: Rico from Starship Troopers

That's it for today!
Be sure to visit Haley Stone's blog for more Questions and Answers on Friday.

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