Friday, July 8, 2016

Picture Book Party Submissions 2016 and Twitter Party

Submission is closed. 

The agent round will be July 20 - 22nd. See the list of agents here

The Rules:

Please be a follower of this blog or sign up for my newsletter. You can click the "Join this Site" button in the right sidebar. Please follow @Michelle4Laughs on twitter. I imagine I will be tweeting hints as well as partying!

You may send two entries for different manuscripts. That's two and only two, whether you have multiple pen names or multiple email addresses. They should be in different emails. Please be honest and not send more. Only one entry will be chosen per person. If you send two, still only one will be picked. Any attempt to cheat will result in entries thrown out (and sadly it has happened in the past.) 

Please send your entry to SunversusSnow at yahoo dot com

You should receive a confirmation email. If you do not, please contact me on twitter before resending. The window will stay open until we get 250 entries. However long that takes. It could be minutes or it could be days. I'm really not sure on this one.

This contest is only for finished and polished picture book or chapter book manuscripts. It has to be ready to go out to agents.

The Format:

Subject Line of your Email: PBParty: Title

Example:  PBParty: Hot Tub Santa

Inside the email please bold where bolded in my example. Single space with spaces between paragraphs. Use Times New Roman or equivalent font and the size should be 12. 

(Here's a trick to keep your paragraph spacing: copy and paste your entry into your email and then put in the line spaces. They seem to get lost when you copy and paste. It may look right but sending scrambles the spacing.)

Name: Sharon Chriscoe
Twitter Handle: @extracleansanta (optional)
Genre: (Here please tell us what type of picture book this is) Example: Board Book, Bedtime Rhyme, Nonfiction, Biography, etc. or List Chapter Book
Word Count: xxx (round to nearest ten, hundred for chapter books)


Your entire query letter here. Include your comps, bio, greeting, closing. (You may use whatever you want for a greeting. Dear Agent. Dear Michelle and Sharon.) 

Here is your chance to make your entry shine and make the agent fall in love with your words. 

First 50 Words:

Include your first 50 words for a picture book, 100 words for chapter books. Do not stop in the middle of a sentence. You may go over by one or two words to finish a sentence but not more than five. Single space and put spaces in between paragraphs. You may center or tab if appropriate.

For short picture books, less than 50 words may be submitted. Any count under 50 is allowed.

Also I will delete parts of entries after the contest ends, if requested. For those writers uncomfortable with their work being out there for all to see.

Bonus: You may attach one illustration to your email to show an example of your artwork. If you don't have artwork, don't worry. 

Now for the twitter party fun! Visit daily under the hashtag #PBParty to meet and greet and scout out slush hints.

Sunday, July 10th         Tell us what genre you write and when you entered.

Monday, July 11th        What is your favorite place to write? Share your writing quirks.

Tuesday, July 12th    What is your favorite picture/chapter book?

Wednesday, July 13th       Animal, vegetable, mineral. Tell us if your MC is human or something else.

Thursday, July 14th           What picture/chapter book author would you like to meet, living or dead?

Friday, July 15th        What picture book character would you like to be?

Saturday, July 16th            What's your best writing advice?

Sunday, July 17th          Look for CP partners and make more friends.

Sharon and I are not sure when the picks will be announced, but it should be around Friday. We are so excited for the fun to start. As you've probably noticed we have a great group of agents and editors.

Good luck everyone!  


  1. Looking forward to Sunday! Thank you for putting this contest together!

  2. Hi Michelle,
    Thanks for offering this contest!

    I'm very familiar with genre as it applies to MG. I'm not so sure about PB genre. The two entries I hope to submit don't fit any of the genre examples you have above. If I had to choose one, I'd go with fantasy just because the characters are animals who live as humans.

    Is there a resource out there for PB genre?

    Thank you!

    1. I'm checking with my picture book expert Sharon. Will get back to you. But the genres are largely different from what you see in MG. There's character driven and non-fiction and rhyming and biography. I'll see if I can find something that gives more.

    2. Here's that link from Sharon about genres:

    3. Thanks, Michelle and Sharon!

  3. Very excited. I submit just to the email address SunversusSnow or to agents? I just want to be sure.

  4. Hello! I am so excited about entering. One quick question, I see we can start entering at noon, just checking to see which timezone you are in. I don't want to be late. Thanks

  5. Hi Michelle! Just wanted to let you know that I've tried to sign up for your newsletter a couple of times, and each time it's said I need to confirm my address by clicking on the link that's been emailed to me, but then I never get the link. I've checked and I definitely put the right email address in! I really want to get your newsletter (quite aside from having entered PBParty), so any idea what might be happening?

    1. You might have signed up last year? Don't worry about it.

    2. The same thing was happening to me!

  6. I sent two mss. Got confirmation for one but not the other. The one I lack confirmation for is called RAIN WALK. I am not on Twitter, so this is the only way I know to contact you?
    Pat Nesbitt

    1. thanks for checking. I was worried when I never got confirmation for that ms as well. Pat Nesbitt

  7. Thank you for hosting! I appreciate all you do for the writing community.

  8. Hi Miss Michelle!

    I've entered the PBP and I know that my submission was accepted. What I don't know *as I cover my face with my hands* is if I was supposed to attach my manuscript because, I saw the 50 words instructions, and I'm worried I let that derail my understanding on whether or not that was with the inclusion of the manuscript.

    My entry was Autumn's Odyssey at the Zoo.

    Thank you!

    Destani Collins

    1. I read it. It seems to be fine. It has all the parts we need.