Wednesday, July 20, 2016

PBParty 7: Don't Fret, Fred, Humorous PB

Genre: A humorous picture book
Word Count: 800 words


Dear Interested Party:

Cut off from the electronic world, Fred is worried a day with Gram and Grandpa out in the boondocks will be boring. Boy, was he wrong. While balling Gram’s yarn (yawn!), he asks her for a story. Crazy and out-of-this-world things begin to happen, spinning them up into a wild yarn of an adventure bigger than all of them. Fred will have to use his own rusty imagination to get them back home before they are lost in space.

An author and an illustrator, I am at home in the kid lit world. My short story, SASSY SLIME SLIDER was purchased by Highlights Magazine. My black and white illustrations can be found inside New Moon Magazine and my colorful art on the cover, and I have illustrated several picture books for publishers and self published authors.

I am a long-time member of SCBWI (since before it had the I) and participate in regular critiques with my wonderful crit buddies. I have several more picture books in various stages as well as a MG and a YA in final revisions. 

Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.

First 50 words:

A cloud of dust caught up to the car as it stopped in front of Gram and Gramp’s house. A boy got out.

“You can’t leave me here,” Fred said. “This place is BORING. There’s no video games. No internet. NO FAIR! You might as well send me to the MOON!”

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