Wednesday, July 20, 2016

PBParty 21: Abu and Nana, Bilingual Family

Title: Abu & Nana
Genre: Bilingual family
Word Count: 565


Hello Michelle and Sharon. 
I am excited to be participating in this year’s Picture Book Party and appreciate the opportunity to describe to you a second picture book. 
ABU & NANA is the bilingual story of a little boy and his two grandmothers. One is from Puerto Rico and the other is from America. They both love him in the same ways but with different words. 
My son-in-law's family is from Puerto Rico and I encourage my grandson and his love of what he refers to as “spanich.” Thank you for your time. I truly appreciate it. 

First 50 Words:
My two grandmas love me the same, but each one has a different name. 
One is named Abu and the other is Nana.  
One calls me nieto and the other calls me grandson. 
They both call me sweetheart. 
Nana sings me silly songs in English and Abu sings to me in Spanish. 

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