Wednesday, July 20, 2016

PBParty 15: My Dragonfly Grandmother, Realistic PB

Genre: Realistic fiction picture book
Word Count: 690 words


Dear Sharon and Michelle,

As the author of A Walk with Grandpa and five other published books, I think "My Dragonfly Grandma" is an important story for young children ages four through eight who are experiencing grief. Grandma shares her love of dragonflies with her grandson Jack by taking him on a picnic to the lake each week. When she dies suddenly, Jack finds ways to cope with the loss of his grandma by sharing her love for dragonflies with his little sister. Children experiencing loss will find this comforting and it will show them ways they can remember their loved ones.

I have included the first fifty words below. Thank you for yur consideration.

First 50 Words:   

My Dragonfly Grandma lives down the street. She loves dragonflies.

Grandma wears dragonfly dresses and dragonfly jewelry wherever she goes. She even has a dragonfly quilt on her bed!

On Saturdays we go to the park, just Dragonfly Grandma and me. We picnic near the pond and eat Swiss cheese.

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