Wednesday, July 20, 2016

PBParty 10: Hippo Wants a Brand New Butt, Humorous PB

Genre: Humorous Fiction
Word Count: 300


Dear Agent,

Thank you for generously giving your time and energy to our Picture Book Party!

With a rather distinctive sense of humor that belies a character-driven story, I thought you might enjoy my 300-word picture book:  HIPPO WANTS A BRAND NEW BUTT.

This Serengeti adventure follows an unhappy Hippo who believes all her friends - Cheetah, Lizard, even Spider - have cool butts. While pondering her fate at the water hole, events take an ominous turn when Baby Kudu tumbles down its muddy banks! As big old Croc glides by with his serrated smile, Hippo is Baby’s only chance. While splashed with wordplay and humor, swirling beneath the surface is a tale about learning to love yourself… just the way you are.

I’ve contributed to magazines, newspapers, and an award-winning parenting book. I’m a member of SCBWI Carolinas, placing in our past three writing contests, and am active in critique groups and writing communities. As the founder of Reading Giraffe, I’m a passionate advocate for picture books:  running literacy camps, hosting storytelling events, conducting read-aloud workshops, and giving keynotes at education conferences.

First 50 Words:

Hippo did not like her butt,
its color, style, or fit.
Other creatures had cool butts,
while all hers did was sit.

Cheetah had the swiftest butt,
and when he chased, it steered.
Lizard’s butt was camouflaged,
and sometimes disappeared.

Monkey’s butt did somersaults,
and swung between the trees.

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