Saturday, July 12, 2014

A Nice Review

I hope you won't mind if I dive into the personal briefly.

A book reviewer recently gave Kindar's Cure a place on her blog. What I love about this review (go here to see it yourself) is that she called Kindar a strong woman in fiction. The reviewer also highlighted a few other areas of the story she felt stood out.

I know as writers we're wise to avoid reading reviews of our stories. Reading and responding to reviews can lead to bad situations. My belief is people more than have a right to form their own opinions on anything they read. Honest reviews are the way it should work, whether they are good or bad.

The problem comes when sometimes authors can't handle what they see. And also sometimes reviewers are only looking to talk about/exaggerate the bad without being honest, or even reading.

But sometimes you get a nice surprise.


  1. Congratulations, Michelle! What a wonderfully positive thing to say about your character!

  2. Kindar is a strong woman. Smart reviewer!

  3. I really wish there was a "Like" button on this...Congrats on the great review!

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