Monday, July 21, 2014

IWTN Entry 12: The GAP Project, YA Science Fiction

Title: The GAP Project
Word count: 67,000
Genre: YA/Sci-Fi

When kids in Ginny Carrera's hometown go missing, parents everywhere begin taking extra precautions. They install security systems, out door lighting, and even activate the GPS in their children’s cell phones. Not her folks. They build a panic room. She thinks they’ve gone a little overboard—code for gone completely batshit insane—until they actually have to use it. Only, Ginny isn’t the one taken.
Men in black abduct her parents, leaving Ginny alone to face a secret they've kept hidden all these years: Her. Ginny isn't human, not entirely. In fact, going by the research notes in her father's study, her DNA looks like something out of the X-Men. And that's just the opening act in this genetic freak show. The missing kids are all part of a government program. Ginny is the Trinity, the crown jewel of the government’s secret genetics program, making her federal property, and the number one target of a corrupt senator.

With the help of lifelong friends, Toad and Mayo, Ginny uncovers Senator Emerson’s plot to sell her—whole or in parts—to the highest bidder, and discovers he’s behind her parents’ disappearance. If she wants her life—and loved ones—back, she’ll have to take down this madman, using the very science he commissioned to create her.

First 250 
The overhead light flared on. Ginny grumbled as she opened one eye, and the green numbers on the alarm clock glared at her. 12:01. “It’s the middle of the freakin’ night.”
“Get up. It’s time,” Dad said, his eyes wide, his lips thinned. “Just like before.” He punched the code, opening the panic room at the back of her closet. He’d installed it last month while spouting a detailed explanation involving as much intrigue as a political thriller. After the fifth kidnapping, parents across the tri-county area had taken extreme measures, but a panic room? Get real.
She stumbled on Grace, her stuffed pig – a gift from her friend, T.J. “Can I get my robe?”
The door silenced his response, if there was one. A sharp clank followed the sucking of the vacuum seal, and she found herself imprisoned by iron walls, cold and unwelcoming. The steel door threw back her distorted reflection. Scrubbing her eyes to clear her vision, she groaned. The pads of her bare feet froze against the metal floor. She needed her fluffy white robe now lying on the floor beside her bed.
On the other side of that door.
Soon after the room was finished, Dad told her the temperature would be sixty-eight. It felt more like thirty, too cold for her Battle of the Bands t-shirt. He could at least have tossed in her blanket. A chill deep inside worked its way out, tattooing her skin with goose bumps.
She shivered.


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