Thursday, July 24, 2014

List of Maybes from In With The New

My four yes picks were:

Skateboard Kate
The Book of Adam
Rowdy Days of Dom Sanders
Lily Washington Presidential P.I.

Here are the entries I labelled as maybe. Some entries got passed over simply because it wasn't what our agents were looking for. Others, because they'd been in contests before. I also had to keep in mind taking a balance of entries and passed over some age categories in favor of others.

Asleep Ever After
Girl Number 8
Dreams the Insanity
The Hopping Dead
The Conspirator’s Club
The Troll Diaries
The Download
Blood of Esta
Attie and the Monster Book
The Wildness in Mellie Feye
Endless Midnight
The Iguana King
The Black Dragon’s Mate
Storm Chaser
Snow Globe

There were so many more entries that I could have labeled but passed over because my number of entries was growing so large.

As they say in Galaxy Quest: Never Give Up. Never Surrender! 


  1. Wow! These queries rock with good writing!

  2. Thanks for posting your maybes! It was a nice surprise to see LOGOS made your list. I have a feeling it was the evil query that fell short. :\
    Thanks again for putting this together!