Monday, July 21, 2014



I know many of you thought this day would never arrive! It's here!

We are rolling out the red carpet and shining the spotlight on the best entries for our agents over the next three days.

(Ninja agents are welcome too. Merely leave a request, along with information on how many pages and where to email you.)

There are thirty entries on this blog. Most of them wouldn't fit on the front page so please use the Blog Archive in the sidebar to ensure no entries get missed. Entries are grouped by age category. (Or will be if my scheduling worked.) They are also numbered for ease of keeping track. (Agents may prefer to look at entries and return later for more.)

If you see a problem with your entry like missing spacing, let me know on twitter or the contest email address. 

For those writers who didn't make it, please keep trying. The Pyrotechnics and I were limited to four choices each. (Which is why we added group picks.) It was agony to narrow down the choices and leave great entries behind. Contests, like querying, are very subjective. What isn't one person's cup of tea, may be just what someone else wants. 

Please the comments are only for agents, but cheer for your favorites and friends, and thank the agents on twitter under #NewAgent.

I'll be there shouting out when an agent appears!

Congrats to all for entering! Let's hope for tons of requests!

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