Monday, July 21, 2014

IWTN Entry 25: Decisions, Decisions, NA Contemporary Romance

Title: DecisionsDecisions
Word count: 55,000
Genre: NA Contemporary Romance


Offered a full-time position with the staffing agency she interned for, 22-year-old Alice is ahead of the post college graduate game. A giant spaz but determined to succeed, she has her own apartment, a grump of a cat named Moonbeam, and can thankfully make payments on time to her demonic overlord, Sallie Mae.

Content spending entire weekends in her pajamas and binge watching TV shows on Netflix, Alice’s lust sensor overloads the second she spots her brand new coworker Takumi. Resolved to have him, Alice attempts to up her lack-of-seduction game to win him but when he starts to respond, she realizes he’s out of sexual her league. Luckily for her, Takumi takes matters into his own hands.

However, snagging her dream sex god isn't going as planned. Alice only wanted an unforgettable, steamy romance but Takumi is interested in happily ever after, convinced they have a real future together. Alice thinks she’s still too young to think about shared rent, marriage and babies, and when the higher ups at work get an anonymous tip about her relationship with Takumi, Alice’s career is in danger.

Alice never wanted to be someone who gave up their career for love, but Takumi is determined to convince her to choose him and she can't shake the feeling he may be The One. Everyone knows she's first in line for a coveted new position, but accepting the job means she’ll be Takumi’s supervisor. If it’s discovered they’re still dating, they’re both headed straight for the unemployment line and Alice may end up on her parent’s couch with a mountain of past due bills. 

First 250:

Alice was screwed.

And not in the literal sense she hoped for. Wearing a plain monochrome dress and jacket, no makeup on, and with her hair in the same ponytail she sported for three days, Alice realized her unfortunate fashion misstep the second she saw him.

SweetGodinheavenhavemercyonmysoul, she thought.

He was gorgeous. Not just “Hi I’m the new boy next door” gorgeous but the kind of gorgeous you’d slap your mama over. The kind of gorgeous you’d stab your best friend of twenty years in the back, set her house on fire, and drive off into the sunset with her husband gorgeous. Have sex in the break room at work even though you know there are security cameras in there gorgeous. All because it’s impossible to say no to that kind of face.

And he stared at Alice.

From behind the receptionist desk, Alice pretended to make copies as the three candidates for the new position sat together in the lobby. Group interview over, Alice had to retrieve them one at a time for their individual interviews. She attempted to be sly, sneaking peeks at him, but every time she glanced his way she caught his eye.

Flipping her long ponytail over her shoulder, she gave herself a mental pep talk: Be cool. Super cool. All the cool. If he’s looking too, he must be interested… Interested in a job. Goddamn it.

She hung her head and turned her back to the lobby, lamenting that she could have at least put on mascara.

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