Monday, July 21, 2014

IWTN Entry 1: Skateboard Kate, PB Contemporary

Title: Skateboard Kate
Word Count: 650
Genre: PB Contemporary


Almost seven, Kate has wanted a skateboard for as long as she can remember. Never mind she's only six or that she's a girl. Never mind that she wears prosthetic legs. It's her dream, and her mom and dad have always told her to dream big. Kate wishes on her favorite star and prays for a skateboard every night.

The big day arrives when Kate turns seven. After a Birthday party with friends, cake and presents, but no skateboard, and a family dinner with more presents, but no skateboard, Kate almost gives up hope of ever getting her wish. But just before bed, her parents surprise her with a new helmet, elbow pads, wrist guards (she doesn't even need knee pads) and a brand new pink camo skateboard.

Kate bumps, jumps and rolls her way to her dream. But it's not always easy.

Inspired by the determination of a young double-amputee who doesn't let anything get in his way...including skateboarding.

First 50:

Every night, Kate wishes on her favorite star for a skateboard.

Every night, Kate says her prayers and adds, “P.S. I really want a skateboard someday. If it's okay with you, God.”

Every night, Kate's mom and dad hear her prayers and shrug, not sure if Kate is ready for a skateboard yet.

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  1. Please send the full manuscript as a word doc attachment to rachel(at) with the title and #NewAgent in the subject line.